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    City Manager's Message

    I am pleased to report that Rancho Santa Margarita has once again been ranked the Safest City in Orange County and the 2nd Safest City in California by SafeWise. Historically, the City has always enjoyed a very low crime rate; for many years, we have had the lowest crime rate of any city in Orange County, and we are consistently ranked in the top 5 safest cities in the entire nation comparing cities with a population over 25,000.​

    To provide our residents with up-to-date information on the crime rate and to keep everyone informed of current trends, RSM Police Services posts crime statistics on our Web site monthly as soon as they are reported to the FBI.

    Congratulations are in order to you, our residents, law enforcement officers, and City leadership for this collaborative approach to crime prevention. Our efforts as a community are commendable and help keep Rancho Santa Margarita a safe place to live, work, and play.


    Jennifer Cervantez

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    Update California Small Business 

    COVID-19 Relief Grant Program

    On February 23rd, Governor Newsom signed into law a comprehensive package providing urgent relief for the small businesses of CA. The package provides an additional $2 billion – a four-fold increase over the $500 million currently being distributed – for grants up to $25,000 for small businesses impacted by the pandemic, and allocates $50 million of this total for non-profit cultural institutions. 

    Please read below for additional information about each round.

    • •Round 4 (non-profit cultural institutions only): Tuesday, March 16th through Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 
    • •Eligible applicants: Only non-profit cultural institutions with any revenue size that meet eligibility criteria found at 
    • •Eligible grant award: $5,000 - $25,000
    • •Details: Eligible non-profit cultural institutions must complete a new application even if they already applied in Rounds 1 and 2; grants will only be available to non-profits cultural institutions that did not receive funding in Rounds 1, 2 or 3; grants will be prioritized based on the documented percentage revenue declines based on a reporting period comparing Q2 and Q3 of 2020 versus Q2 and Q3 of 2019
    • •Round 5: Thursday, March 25th through Wednesday, March 31st 
    • •Eligible applicants: current waitlisted small businesses and non-profits not selected in Rounds 1, 2, or 3 and new applicants that meet eligibility criteria found at 
    • •Eligible grant award: $5,000 - $25,000
    • •Details: Applicants not selected to receive a grant in Rounds 1, 2, & 3 do not need to reapply as they will be automatically moved into Round 5. New applicants will need to apply at 
    • •Round 6: Date to be announced soon 
    • •Eligible applicants: current waitlisted small businesses and/or non-profits not selected in Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 and new applicants that meet eligibility criteria found at 
    • •Eligible grant award: $5,000 - $25,000
    • •Details: Applicants not selected to receive a grant in Rounds 1, 2, 3 & 5 do not need to re-apply and will be automatically moved into Round 6. New applicants will need to apply at 

    Visit for more eligibility, criteria, and updates. 

  • March 11, 2021 11:44 AM | Deleted user

    Cox Enables Customers with Physical Disabilities to Control Contour Video Guide with Eyes 

    ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – (March 11, 2021) – Cox today unveiled a new feature that empowers people with disabilities to control their TV with their eyes. The Accessible Web Remote for Contour gives those who have lost fine motor skills – whether from degenerative conditions or paralysis – the ability to browse the video guide with a glance. 

    Specifically, a free web-based remote control is navigable using various assistive technologies owned by customers, including eye gaze hardware and software, switch controls, and sip-and-puff systems, which the user controls by gently blowing into a tube. 

    Eye-tracking technology gives people living with conditions like paraplegia, Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) the same access to their TVs as customers with the latest edition of Contour. 

    “Innovative technology like this gives people with disabilities an added level of independence,” said Steve Gleason, founder of Team Gleason and former New Orleans Saints football player who has been living with ALS since 2011. “We appreciate that companies like Cox continue to empower their users by adopting products like the Accessible Web Remote, which allows every customer to do something most people take for granted, like controlling their TV.” 

    According to the Bureau of Internet Accessibility, approximately 16% of people in the United States have difficulties with their physical functioning, making things like using a traditional TV remote either a challenge or impossible, depending on the condition. Throughout the last three years, Cox has partnered with organizations like Team Gleason to ensure accessible design and development of its products, increase awareness and education, and improve processes and procedures focusing on disability inclusion. 

    “Cox is proud to partner with Team Gleason because we believe in its mission to improve life for people living with conditions such as ALS,” said Sam Attisha, Senior Vice President and Region Manager for Cox Communications in California. “We will continue to create products and solutions with accessibility built in, so all Cox customers can use our products.” 

    Customers can now visit to sync their device and begin changing channels, set a recording, search for programming within the Contour guide, and access integrated streaming apps all with a glance of their eyes. 

    To learn more about accessibility, please visit 

    About Cox Communications 

    Cox Communications is committed to creating meaningful moments of human connection through technology. The largest private broadband company in America, we proudly serve six and a half million homes and businesses across 18 states. We're dedicated to empowering others to build a better future and celebrate diverse products, people, suppliers, communities and the characteristics that make each one unique. Cox Communications is the largest division of Cox Enterprises, a family-owned business founded in1898 by Governor James M. Cox. 

    About Team Gleason 

    Team Gleason Foundation was founded by former New Orleans Saints player, Steve Gleason, after his diagnosis with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in 2011. Team Gleason’s mission is to improve life for people living with ALS by delivering innovative technology and equipment, as well as providing and empowering an improved life experience. For more information on how to help people living with ALS have the resources and the opportunities to not only continue living, but continue living productive, purposeful, and meaningful lives, please visit 

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    Applied Medical, a Rancho Santa Margarita-based company that designs, develops and manufactures medical devices, is now offering face shields direct to non-medical professionals who need protection during the pandemic. At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, the company utilized its local manufacturing capabilities to design and develop face shields for healthcare professionals on the front linesThe medical-grade face shields are now available for purchase by not only medical but also non-medical professionals serving the RSM community. To learn more, visit

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