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Cybersecurity Assessment

August 16, 2019 8:40 AM | Rachel Coan (Administrator)

A Note From Damian Mendoza With SoCal IT Support

Cybersecurity is Important

Ever thought “that won’t happen to me” in the face of bad news? Many businesses think they’re invulnerable to cyberattacks or data breaches: “we’re too small to be a target”, or “we don’t have anything cybercriminals want to access.” Yet cybersecurity needs to be a top priority for everyone.

What is a Cybersecurity Assessment?

A Cybersecurity Assessment can be compared to an annual wellness check-up for your health, this assessment aims to diagnose potential risks before something serious happens. This proactive assessment aims to detect or identify any system, network, software, device, physical and other threats or vulnerabilities. The assessment findings help your business plan what it will do to respond to and manage the risk. The depth and breadth of a cybersecurity assessment can depend on your business size, industry, risk threshold, timeline, and budget. Still, there are several signs suggesting your business needs to schedule a cybersecurity assessment soon.

Why Do I Need a Cybersecurity Assessment?

There are many reasons for needing a detailed assessment of your organization’s cybersecurity, here are just a couple reasons to schedule a cybersecurity assessment:

1. Compliance Requirements

Your business may need to meet regulatory requirements. For instance, there are many rules about testing for cyber exposure in financial, healthcare, energy, and educational settings. Compliance starts with a comprehensive cyber risk assessment. In the healthcare industry, SoCal IT Support can help your organization comply with HIPAA.

2. Your Technology Hasn’t Been Updated

Old software or operating systems are more likely to expose you to cyber risk. Once software reaches a certain age, the provider stops supporting that solution. Microsoft, for example, is phasing out security patches and updates for Windows 7. Don’t plod along with decades-old technology, thinking you’re safe because there hasn’t been a failure or crash. The bigger danger is the small, unnoticed openings you don’t know about, but cybercriminals do.

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